Human team

MIGASA is a family-owned agri-food group that looks towards the past and the future, to build on the legacy of its forefathers. They passed on their passion for the countryside, for oil, for people, work and family. An extended family to the people who are part of MIGASA, who give their best day after day.

We combine our vision of longevity, engagement with a human touch and the values of a family business with a strong focus on results and continuous improvement, involving the up-skilling of our teams in our ongoing pursuit of excellence in everything we do.This strategic approach has allowed us to bring our products to over 120 countries and become a leader in the agri-food industry.

MIGASA currently has a team with over 1200 people who are with us every day giving their all, both in our production centres and in our offices.

We engage closely with all of our staff, striving to achieve the personal and professional goals that each of them sets.


N-IV, Ctra. Madrid Cádiz Km. 556
CP: 41703, Dos Hermanas.

Seville, Spain. +34954720550