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As the biggest agri-food group in Andalusia, MIGASA is a leader in the edible oil sector. We have kept that same competitive and dynamic spirit since day one and we still have all of the hallmarks of a family-run business.

We are sector leaders thanks to the firm commitment shown by our directors to achieve continuous improvement in all phases and activities, with the aim of producing better oil and providing an outstanding service that meets our customers’ expectations.

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    Since its inception, MIGASA has always remained true to its origins, to farmers and to the olive production sector, pursuing new growth opportunities. Therefore, continuous innovation, quality and the pursuit of excellence have been key elements in our development.

    Our passion for oil and olives, farming, innovation, continuous improvement and family - both our birth family and our family of over 80,000 farmers who place their trust in us - these are the driving force behind our company.

    We believe that it is vitally important to constantly strive to continuously improve the efficiency of our processes, to become more competitive, achieve the highest quality standards and facilitate the work of our staff. All while focusing on our commitment to protect the environment.

    We have a clear goal: to create greater value for all of the stakeholders involved in our business chain: from farmers, clients and distributors to customers.

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    In our organisation, we always work with the social and business aspects of our activity in mind and aiming to promote the common good. We are also firmly committed to sustainable development, optimising our processes with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

    To fulfil our environmental pledge, at MIGASA we have committed to sustainability through a plan to install solar panels that significantly reduce our carbon footprint, making the group more efficient and sustainable: in 25 years, MIGASA will have prevented 8,192 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to planting 63,876 trees and taking 83,355 cars off the roads.

    Additionally, our powerful agri-food group’s facilities include a fatty acid distillation plant in Mengíbar (Jaen). This plant is equipped with the latest technology and a quality management system that make it a global leader for these types of products. This closes the environmental loop of olive oil, where no waste is produced.

    Due to its commitment to the circular economy, in 2021 MIGASA became the first agri-food company to receive the “Zero Waste to Landfill” certificate awarded by Saica Natur, in our bottling plant in Alcolea. This seal means that at least 95% of the waste produced in the processes of MIGASA’s plant in Cordoba are reintroduced into industry as raw materials, preventing them from ending up in landfills. This allows us to draw attention to our company’s social and environmental commitment.

    This very year, we also launched the “Olivar Tradicional” (meaning Traditional Olive Grove) seal project by signing an agreement with UPA and LIDL, to help to showcase the age-old tradition of olive growing, while also ensuring that farmers get a fair price. The aim of this project is to preserve a way of life and method of working the land that produces raw materials of the highest quality and benefits the health of people and the planet, protecting tradition and biodiversity and making this way of life profitable, thus boosting the population in the sparsely populated part of Spain.

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    As an internationally-oriented group, MIGASA advocates a global corporate culture that embraces diversity. We seek to simultaneously further the economic and social development of the countries in which we operate, without imposing any products or criteria. We are an open, communicative and committed company that always serves the needs of its customers and remains close to them wherever they are, repaying the trust placed in us.

    We promote equal opportunities and comprehensive and ongoing training for our employees. We believe in a project that combines professional potential with personal development, promoting active engagement in all of our projects. We bring together individual interests to benefit the collective interest and we build a group where experiences and successes are shared.

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