Replacement of a discontinuous neutralisation line with low energy efficiency by a new continuous line with high energy efficiency.

News | 27-06-2023

The newly implemented process achieves a drastic reduction in energy consumption and features an Energy Management System (EMS) that helps improve energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption levels. The primary objective is to replace existing equipment and installations with highly energy efficient technologies to reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

In addition, energy control and monitoring software will be installed to effectively reduce energy consumption, provide accurate information and optimise the efficiency of the process.

The use and implementation of the Simatic PCS7 system offers a scalable architecture and customised functionalities, enabling system growth and process optimisation. In addition, this system offers benefits such as cost reduction, high performance, flexibility, system integration and safety measures.

The implementation of this process control system will increase operational efficiency and facilitate the digitalisation of this industrial project.


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