Migasa Group boosts sustainability with an innovative infrastructure: the construction of an eco-efficient pipeline

News | 22-11-2023

In a strong demonstration of its commitment to sustainability, Grupo Migasa has undertaken the creation of an oil pipeline for the transfer of Seed Oil from its refinery in Dos Hermanas to the new packaging plant of Grupo Ybarra Alimentación.

This significant investment is materialised through an innovative oil transport system, characterised by its efficiency, safety and respect for the environment. In line with the Support Programme for Material Investments in the Transformation, Marketing or Development of New Agricultural Products in the Agri-Food Sector in General and in the Olive and Table Olive Sector in the Framework of the Andalusian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, this initiative stands as an outstanding milestone.

The construction of this pipeline revolutionises the internal logistics process and contributes substantially to the reduction of annual CO2 emissions.


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