Innovation, Sustainability and Development: New Logistics Centre and Seed Oil Warehouse

News | 22-11-2023

Migasa Group, in its commitment to environmental sustainability and efficiency in its industrial processes, has created a new Logistics Centre and Efficient Seed Oil Warehouse in Dos Hermanas.

The aim of this project, developed within the framework of the Andalusian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, is to be able to store all the seeds and the production of the extractors in a single Logistics Centre that is directly connected to the refining plant. The warehouse will allow the delivery of the seed oils according to the specifications and requirements of the customers, through a PLC control system and an EMS that will regulate all the oil transfers, guaranteeing the traceability and efficiency of the process at all times. In addition, these systems can control the exact measurements at the time of shipment without any shortages or surpluses.

This high-capacity warehouse guarantees greater flexibility and enhances product quality: the seeds are extracted as quickly as possible, and all the oil is stored in a single logistics centre connected by pipeline to our central refinery. This new process avoids the need to move the product between different warehouses by road, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and, therefore, achieving significant energy savings.


N-IV, Ctra. Madrid Cádiz Km. 556
CP: 41703, Dos Hermanas.

Seville, Spain. +34954720550