Energy efficiency through automation and control of the cooling towers and cooling towers

News | 1-08-2023

As part of the Migasa Group’s global automation process, we highlight an energy approach that involves the automatic variation of the speed of the fans in our Cooling Towers, adjusting it to the needs of the process and environmental conditions. Variable production and seasonal local ambient temperatures require different cooling levels, which are automatically adapted thanks to this solution.

This investment has generated significant savings in final electricity consumption, covering all motors and processes in our extraction plant. This saving is particularly noticeable in the motors of the cooling towers of our factory, thanks to the implementation of an energy management system and the introduction of variable speed drives, which regulate and adjust the speed to its optimum operating point.

To carry out this innovative initiative, we have implemented a control system based on the “INDUSTRY 4.0” concept of industrial process automation in the extractor area.


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